AdTech Technologies Designed for PropellerAds Acquired ISAE 3000 Certification

by The Content Team at AdTech 23 September, 2022

PropellerAds, one of AdTech Holding’s flagship projects, has acquired the International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3000 Type I Assurance Report certification in an effort to continue delivering a first-class experience to its users. 

The ISAE 3000 certification is a prestigious designation that’s awarded to leading organizations dedicated to providing the best results for their customers. 

Read on to find out more about the ISAE 3000 certification and why PropellerAds continues to meet international standards in order to deliver the best product. 

What is the ISAE 3000 Certification?

Even after establishing the network as one of the leaders in the AdTech industry, the PropellerAds team believes in constantly testing, reviewing, and improving its platform. 

AdTech Holding develops and implements advanced technological solutions for the PropellerAds network to ensure maximum efficiency of business operations, along with broad benefits for its customers.

One of the team’s internal goals is to ensure that PropellerAds internal operations meet international standards and guidelines. This is the reason that drove the team to apply to the ISAE 3000 Type I Assurance Report certification, which involved a quality test of the platform’s ad delivery, ad campaign moderation, and invalid traffic filtration mechanisms. 

The company’s processes were all approved after an independent examination by an international auditor. 

The Goal of the ISAE and the Type I Assurance Report

The objective of the ISAE is to create a basic standard for principles and key procedures as well as provide guidance for professional accountants that practice publicly. 

The Type I report compiled for PropellerAds confirms that the internal management processes have been designed and implemented according to the ISA standard. Additionally, the certification and independent assessment ensure that the PropellerAds partners receive greater security in terms of the quality of the service.

The Importance of the ISAE Certification for PropellerAds

PropellerAds’ ad delivery, ad campaign moderation, and invalid traffic filtration mechanisms, developed by AdTech Holding, are at the center of the network’s services. 

While the ad network has already obtained the ISO 27001 certification that confirms the high standards of information security management, the ISAE 3000 Type I Report ensures that the ad delivery, ad campaign moderation, and invalid traffic filtration mechanisms also meet international standards. 

This is the main goal of acquiring the ISAE 3000 designation, to provide transparent reassurance that PropellerAds has adequate controls in place to deliver superb service. This ensures that the campaigns from PropellerAds partners exclusively reach legitimate users on real sites, providing extensive protection against fraud. 

Alex Polev, Senior GO Developer at AdTech Holding, has shared his opinion on how the audit process was managed:


” I wouldn’t say we had significant difficulties associated with the audit. Yes, it was a long and quite tiring process, but from a technical standpoint, everything was very straightforward.

We focused our efforts on three directions essential to complete the audit:

  • Compiling technical documentation
  • Communicating with our auditor
  • Adjusting the system according to the certification requirements

After multiple hours of discussions and consultations, our team has drafted a Description of the Methodology (DOM). That, in turn, has led us to revision and improvement of our internal infrastructure. At the same time, we eliminated minor flaws in the system, corrected tracking, and upgraded the way data is recorded in statistics.”

How Does the ISAE Certification Impact the Customer Experience?

The end result for PropellerAds partners is that they can rely on the ad network’s ad delivery, ad campaign moderation, and invalid traffic filtration systems as it has demonstrated its adherence to international standards such as the MRC and IAB. 

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