News By content 24 April, 2024

AdTech Holding Champions Community Growth with Limassol City Skate Park

AdTech Holding is stepping outside the box of its usual business operations again to positively impact the community in Cyprus, particularly through its latest endeavor – the City Skate Park…

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AdTech Holding’s Journey in the OPAP Limassol Marathon

News By content 16 April, 2024

This year, AdTech Holding took part in the OPAP Limassol Marathon again. What were our impressions this time?

AdTech Holding Cares: Employees Comment on Their Favorite Social Activities

News By content 05 April, 2024

AdTech Holding employees eagerly share their impressions on corporate social activities. Find out more about our life outside the office!

Will Google Privacy Sandbox Affect Retargeting: What Do AdTech Specialists Think?

Technology By content 03 April, 2024

The novel initiatives set called Privacy Sandbox is the final step of phasing out third-party cookies. Does it offer a…

Interns In QA: Product Team Experience

Developorium By content 26 March, 2024

PropellerAds, the project of AdTech Holding, invited an intern without any previous experience to its QA department. How did it…

AdStep Internship Program Now Open: Time to Enroll

News By content 22 March, 2024

Finally, AdTech Holding opens yet another one internship program for graduate students. This is your way to a smooth career…

How to Benefit from Ad Tech if You Are an Ad Agency?

Business By content 20 March, 2024

AdTech arsenal can help you cover maximum aspects of your ad campaigns, from launch and testing to smart optimization. Let's…

Brand Safety in 2024: Measures Experts Recommend

Business By content 21 February, 2024

This is a guide on how to protect your brand safety and make sure your ads will appear exclusively in…

Hackathon 2023 Winners Speak: Interview with the Captain of SpendWize Team

Developorium By content 22 January, 2024

Read the fresh and crispy interview with Zenos Pavlakou, a captain of SpendWize. This team won the Improve Life in…

HackAdTech’23: Interview with Winners in the AdTech Category

Developorium By content 16 January, 2024

Here is a new interview with HackAdTech'23 winners — now, in the 'How can we improve the AdTech industry' challenge.…

HackAdTech’23: Interview With People’s Choice Winners

Developorium By content 12 January, 2024

Let us introduce the team that managed to win in not one, but two categories with their unique project –…

Forbes Women in Tech Award: Elena Dolia Nominated and Olga Dmitrenko Wins

News By content 15 December, 2023

AdTech Holding is proud to announce that two of our key leaders, Elena Dolia, Chief Administrative Officer, and Olga Dmitrenko,…

Environmental Consciousness: How AdTech Holding Supports Cyprus Ecosystem

News By content 13 December, 2023

Supporting the Cyprus ecosystem - the place where we live and work - is one of AdTech Holding's core values.…

HackAdTech’23 Overview: Impressions on Another Successful Open Hackathon

Developorium By content 13 December, 2023

Veni, vidi, vici! Like Julius Cesar once said - I came, I saw, I conquered! And that’s how it was.…

5 AdTech Trends in 2024: The Biggest Industry Shifts To Expect

Research By content 08 December, 2023

What AdTech trends we are going to see in the nearest future? Meet our digest with the five AdTech predictions…

Customer Support Challenges in AdTech Holding: Human Touch VS Chatbots

Business By content 30 November, 2023

Why human interaction cannot be replaced by bots? Read in our post and enjoy real-life stories of our Support team!

Empowering AdTech Startups: Where to Find Support for a Novel AdTech Project?

Business By content 24 November, 2023

Where to find funds and support for an AdTech startup? What are the options and how to use them wisely.

Structural Odyssey: AdTech Holding Approach to Product Teams Formation

Business By content 21 November, 2023

How PropellerAds, the flagship project of AdTech Holding, innovated its structure and what are the main takeaways from this experience?

Making a Difference at the 4th Limassol Blood Donation Event

News By content 10 November, 2023

AdTech Holding took part in the 4th Limassol Blood Donation Event and, with the help of 10 volunteers, donated 30…

Insights: How to Win the Hackathon? [HackAdTech Special]

Developorium By content 18 October, 2023

Konstantin Kuznezov, our Chief Product Officer and HackAdTech jury member, and Aleksa Lazarevic, the last year winner reveal secrets, insights,…

[HackAdTech Special] How to prepare for a Hackathon?

Developorium By content 12 October, 2023

To make sure all Hackathon participants are getting ready for this 48-hour marathon the proper way, we prepared a 4-step…

A Day At The Hackathon: What Should You Expect As a Participant? [HackAdTech Special]

Developorium By content 10 October, 2023

What is the HackAdTech, the open Hackathon by AdTech Holding, is like? We prepared a guide with photos from our…

Same Company, Different Job: How AdTech Holding QA Team Grows Professionals

Developorium By content 10 October, 2023

How to grow a professional from scratch? Our QA team shared their experience of hiring inexperienced colleagues from other departments.

How Engagement Technologies Are Revolutionizing the AdTech Industry?

Technology By content 09 October, 2023

Why and how user engagement shapes the entire AdTech industry? Which technologies are the most trending today? Let's discuss.

AdTech Holding: Backing the Dreams of Cyprus’ Youngsters

News By content 11 September, 2023

We’re partnering with I Have a Dream, an organization that helps children in need, and we will provide monthly stipend…

AdTech Holding is Officially Sponsoring the Limassol Spartans Sports Club

News By content 08 September, 2023

AdTech Holding is now officially supporting the Limassol Spartans Dragon Boat Club!

Virtual Reality: Will It Change the AdTech Industry?

Developorium By content 31 August, 2023

Meta Quest 3 by Oculus and Apple Vision are going to begin the new wave of VR headsets popularity. Will…

In Good Company: AdTech Holding Certified as a Great Place to Work in Cyprus

News By content 10 August, 2023

After the anonymous employees feedback, AdTech Holding achieved a Great Place to Work in Cyprus Certification.

Does Corporate Social Responsibility Extend Beyond Volunteering?

News By content 02 August, 2023

AdTech is known as a company that cultivates strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It aligns with our values and supports…

PropellerAds Successfully Passes Annual ISO 27001 Surveillance Audit

News By content 17 July, 2023

PropellerAds, one of the leading AdTech Holding's projects has confirmed its security standards by passing the ISO/IEC 27001 audit.

AI-Generated Creatives: How to Use Them Wisely to Avoid a Legal Action?

Research By content 14 July, 2023

AdTech Holding laywer made a research on how to deal with copyright when using AI generators in commercial purposes.

AdTech Holding: Shaping a Better Future for Cyprus’ Four-Legged Friends

News By content 12 July, 2023

AdTech Holding strives to take care of those who really need, namely - stray cats and dogs of Cyprus. Read…

AdTech Holding Joins the Great Britain-Cyprus Business Association: Creating Ties, Building Success

News By content 27 June, 2023

AdTech Holding reached another important milestone and became a part of the Great Britain-Cyprus Business Association.

Inside Scoop: AdTech Holding at Money 20/20 Europe

Business By content 16 June, 2023

AdTech Holding's representative, Alina Nekhotina, visited the Money 20/20 Europe conference and shared her impressions of the event.

Too Much Data: Is It a Challenge for AdTech Businesses?

Technology By content 13 June, 2023

AdTech companies constantly deal with enourmous data volumes. Our specialists shared the ways to optimize the processes.

It’s a Partner, Not a Competitor: How Professionals at AdTech Holding Use ChatGPT in Their Work

Developorium By content 08 June, 2023

How can you integrate ChatGPT into the workflow? We asked professionals from AdTech Holding to share how ChatGPT helps them…

Artificial Intelligence in AdTech: Trends and Predictions

Research By content 07 June, 2023

How artificial intelligence affects the AdTech industry and what are the future predictions on the AI-based technologies?

AdTech Holding at the Machine Learning Conference in Serbia: How Was It?

News By content 01 June, 2023

We’re still buzzing with excitement after an exciting time at the Machine Learning Conference (2023). The MLC is a professional…

Laying Out the Road Ahead: AdTech Holding’s 3-Year Growth Plan Unveiled at New Global Headquarters

News By content 31 May, 2023

AdTech Holding meets the biggest financial partners to discuss the future plans of the company and share the latest results.

Carbon Emissions and AdTech Industry: Why We Cannot Stay Aside?

Business By content 29 May, 2023

How digital advertising impacts environment and what corporations can do about it? AdTech Holding offers a discussion.

AdTech Holding Lends a Helping Paw: Supporting Sirius Dog Sanctuary Cyprus

News By content 23 May, 2023

In the sparkling Mediterranean waters lies the picturesque island of Cyprus, known for its rich history, diverse culture, and captivating…

AdTech Holding’s Exciting Move: A Bigger, Greener Office Space in Limassol

News By content 19 May, 2023

The entire Adtech Holding team is excited by these new office features considering our passion for sustainability and positive social…

AdTech Holding Joins Deloitte’s Fast 50 – A Milestone Achievement

News By content 16 May, 2023

AdTech Holding has been ranked among the 50 fastest-growing tech companies in the Middle East and Cyprus in Deloitte's prestigious…

Google Privacy Initiatives: Will They Impact AdTech Industry?

Research By content 02 May, 2023

What will happen to AdTech industry after the latest Google privacy updates and will they crucially affect the businesses?

KYC Procedure: Why Is This a Sign of a Trustworthy Ad Network?

Research By content 18 April, 2023

What is KYC and why trusted networks has made it a standard practice for customers?

User Privacy and Ads Personalization: Is the Balance Possible?

Research By content 31 March, 2023

How to find the balance between user privacy and personalization of their ad feed? Alex Tomaili shares his view.

AdTech Holding at ProductCamp Europe: Our Impressions and Thoughts

Developorium By content 29 March, 2023

AdTech Holding sponsored and visited ProductCamp EU, a big IT unconference. This is the event overview from AdTech Holding representatives.

AdTech Holding’s Participation in the OPAP Limassol Marathon 2023

News By content 28 March, 2023

AdTech Holding participated in the OPAP Limassol Marathon and shares the impressions of the event.

AdTech Holding Joins City Friends Club to Clean Up Limassol

News By content 27 March, 2023

AdTech Holding took part in the Cyprus cleanup and gathered 57 bags of trash at the recreational area of Pyrgos.

5 Main AdTech Trends in 2023: What Will Impact the Industry and How Stay Up to Date

Business By content 02 March, 2023

What is impacting the industry right now and how to keep up with the latest trends? We asked Konstantin Kuznetsov,…

In-app Advertising: Perspectives, Market, Specifics

Research By content 24 February, 2023

In-app is another channel to add into your marketing strategy and improve user engagement. Read this research and find out…

MultiTag: What Is Behind The Technology?

Technology By content 13 February, 2023

Keeping the principles of the previous version, the upgraded MultiTag will become the most advanced technology for monetizing traffic without…

Integrating Problems Into a WorkFlow: an Alternative Approach to Business Processes

Developorium By content 10 February, 2023

This article is thoughts of a Team Lead on how to find an alternative approach to workflow problems.

Utility App Market: How to Create An App With 10M+ Downloads

Business By content 31 January, 2023

The Utility market inspires much confidence with its evergreen popularity and well-known ways to monetize and promote apps.

What Should You Know About Web Trackers?

Research By content 23 January, 2023

What are web trackers and what are the measures taken to make them safe for users?

Predicting User Behavior: Challenges and Opportunities

Research By content 20 January, 2023

How predicting user behavior works, which technologies and solutions are used, and what is the future of user behavior prediction…

Giving Back During Holidays: The AdTech Team Visits Malcolm’s Cats

News By content 10 January, 2023

AdTech continues taking social initiatives and now donates for Malcolm's Cats shelter.

PropellerAds, One of AdTech’s Ace Projects, Announces the Opening of a New Office in India

News By content 09 January, 2023

Let’s take a closer look at 3 advantages that the new office will bring for clients and the effect that…

A Summary of the HackAdTech Open Hackathon 2022

News By content 19 December, 2022

It’s not every day that leaders in the IT industry from all over the world gather under one roof, but…

5 Steps to Successful Automation: AdTech Holding QA Team Insights

Technology By content 08 December, 2022

How to automate workflows in a QA team: AdTech Holding experience.

AdTech Holding At The First European PayPal C360: Impressions and Insights

Business By content 15 November, 2022

As one of the top popular payment methods worldwide and the biggest finance brands, PayPal is one of the key…

The First-Ever Open AdTech Hackathon: Join HackAdTech

News By content 10 October, 2022

Coming this fall: one of the biggest AdTech hackathons in Cyprus. Get your chance to promote your groundbreaking idea.

AdTech Technologies Designed for PropellerAds Acquired ISAE 3000 Certification

News By content 23 September, 2022

PropellerAds announces that it acquired the ISAE 3000 certification for technologies, developed by AdTech Holding.

PropellerAds Reaches 12B Impressions Daily

News By content 11 June, 2022

PropellerAds continues to prove that it's one of the biggest global traffic providers.

The 3 Key Principles of Growing Startups

Business By content 09 May, 2022

Petr Garmashov, the Head of Products at PropellerAds, talks about startups and how to make sure they succeed.

We Are Here for Quality: PropellerAds QA Team on Quality Assurance, Control, and Testing Practices

Research By content 26 April, 2022

Vasiliy Petukhov, the Head of QA, and Mikhail Sidelnikov, the Lead QA of the department Product Team share ideas on…

PropellerAds Named Advertising Platform Of the Year Award by SiGMA

News By content 02 April, 2022

PropellerAds wins the Advertising Platform of the Year Award.

ADEX Will Attend the Affiliate World Global 2022 in Dubai

News By content 17 February, 2022

Adex attends Affiliate World Global 2022 in Dubai. Learn how to meet the team.

Notix Has Joined INMA: Everything You Need to Know

News By content 17 October, 2021

Notix joins one of the most prestigious news organizations.

AdTech Holding Project Update: ADEX Joins IAB

News By content 22 September, 2021

Adex, an advanced anti ad-fraud solution, has just joined IAB.

PropellerAds Receives ISO/IEC 27001 Security Certification

News By content 18 March, 2021

PropellerAds has earned ISO/IEC 27001 Security Certification. What does it mean for the company's customers?

PropellerAds Opens a New Office in Prague

News By content 26 January, 2020

PropellerAds opened a new office in Czech Republic. How will it enhance the company's operations?

Quest for Success: PropellerAds Wins Bronze in Corporate Race

News By content 14 June, 2019

The team of PropellerAds participates in the corporate Dragon Boat race for the first time ever.