Customer Support Challenges in AdTech Holding: Human Touch VS Chatbots

by The Content Team at AdTech 30 November, 2023

Do you think that in the world of rising technologies, where machines gradually replace people, an average user would strive for even more automation? Psychological fact: people start valuing things that are lacking. So the more technology is around, the more people need people! Especially, when it comes to customer support.

Definitely, the global trend for optimization and delegating routine tasks to algorithms doesn’t mean that we are ready to lose the human touch in every sphere of our life. What is more, even though becoming more human-like every year, technology will hardly ever be equivalent to people in terms of creative thinking, spontaneous decisions, and emotional intellect, of course.

So today, we decided to talk about our projects’ Customer Support Team, as the best example of a profession that cannot be replaced by the most sophisticated technology. 

Briefly on How Our Projects’ Customer Support Team Functions

  • We provide 24/7 support for most projects
  • Our Support Team representatives speak English, but customers can send their requests in any language and also receive assistance. 
  • Our reaction time is the fastest on the market and takes approx 1 minute
  • Support managers provide help in the live chat (personal account), Telegram, and tickets

Customer-Oriented Values

The Customer is Always Right

One of the main principles of our Support Team is loyalty. Any interaction with customers is backed up with respect and dedication, no matter what issue occurs. 

Strategies Instead of Tactics

Our Support Team provides assistance along with benefits (like bonuses for the customers when applicable), striving to build long-term partnerships with customers. 

Beyond Support: Catalysts of Company-Wide Understanding

Also, the Support Team representatives constantly work on both internal (for employees) and external (for clients) knowledge bases, and provide insights to the Marketing and Content teams, as well as other departments.

This way, all departments have a chance to get the most relevant info on customers’ needs and deliver maximum value to them. 

Manifesto in Favor of Human Customer Support: Why Doesn’t AdTech Holding Rely on Bots?

While chatbots offer efficiency, they fall short in understanding complex emotions, handling unique situations, and providing nuanced responses. There are scenarios where only the depth of human understanding can prevail.

  • Confidentiality risks. For large AdTech companies that have to deal with statistics and customer info, using bots can end up in data leaks. Bots cannot function properly without accessing sensitive user data, and these practices don’t guarantee privacy. 
  • Language issues. It’s no secret that AdTech companies have customers from all over the world. Even if both parties speak English, sometimes non-native-speaking clients can find it difficult to explain technical terms and issues in detail. Therefore, the language barrier becomes an issue for a bot that acts according to pre-made patterns. You will find one of the linguistic adventures in the stories below, so read on!
  • Inability to make non-standard decisions. Continuing the previous point, even the most trained and smart bots act according to the patterns and scenarios they already know. A non-standard situation becomes a real obstacle for bots and frequently ends up with an unsolved customer’s problem.

So, for all the advancements, technology cannot replace the human touch in customer interactions. After revealing the argumentative part above, we want to share some real-life stories within our company that underscore the profound impact of empathetic human responses on customer satisfaction. We are sure you will enjoy them.

AdTech Holding Stories: Behind the Scenes

Now we are moving to the most interesting part of our article…

Beyond Support Tickets: a Night of Empathy

“One night, I had a dialogue that would redefine the essence of customer support for me. It was a message from our customer who had just gone through a painful breakup and was seeking solace. In that moment, our conversation transcended the realm of traditional support. 

Throughout the night, we talked about everything from lost love to life’s uncertainties. My primary concern was ensuring his well-being, and I couldn’t ignore his emotional state.

The situation was delicate, and while I couldn’t provide the counseling he truly needed, I lent a compassionate ear and offered what comfort I could.

As the dawn approached, there was a subtle shift. Despite the heaviness of the night, the customer decided to channel his energy into something positive. To my relief, he logged into his account and initiated a new advertising campaign in the morning.”

Customer Support with No Boundaries: Rescuing Campaigns in the Digital Maze

“One day, we received a message from frustrated customers entangled in a web of digital marketing woes. A popular third-party tool, integral to their campaigns, had malfunctioned and their campaigns were at a standstill.

As they reached out to us, our customer support team leaped into action. Despite the tool not being our own, our commitment to our customers led us to find a solution. With a blend of technical expertise and a determination to deliver results, we manually fixed the issues that were ruining their campaigns.”

Lost in Translation: Unraveling the Mystery of the Buried Chicken

In the subtle art of customer support, language can be both a bridge and a barrier. One day, a peculiar request fluttered into our support channels. A customer, non-native in English, sought assistance with an enigmatic query: “How to cook a buried chicken?” Intrigued and slightly perplexed, our support representative embarked on a linguistic journey.

Delving into the conversation, the representative asked a series of clarifying questions. It became evident that “buried chicken” was a unique translation hiccup, concealing the true nature of the inquiry.

After a moment of insightful questioning, it dawned on the support representative that the customer wasn’t seeking culinary advice but rather struggling with a feature that, in their native language, had been lost in translation.

As the veil of misunderstanding lifted, the true meaning emerged – a feature related to optimizing buried content in their marketing strategy. With patience and a touch of linguistic finesse, the representative guided the customer through the intricacies of the tool. The “buried chicken” transformed from a linguistic oddity into a symbol of successful communication.

For Dessert: What Do Our Customers Say?

To back everything said before and demonstrate some proof of our customer-oriented approach efficiency, we share feedback from our dearest clients. And see you next time!

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