PropellerAds Reaches 12B Impressions Daily

by The Content Team at AdTech 11 June, 2022

PropellerAds, one of AdTech Holding’s leading projects, has established itself as one of the leading global affiliate ad networks. 

Since its inception back in 2011, the PropellerAds network earned a reputation as an emerging pop traffic source, expanding into the push and interstitial ads space and blossoming shortly thereafter into one of the industry’s leading stakeholders. 

Today, AdTech Holding is proud to announce that PropellerAds has reached the 12 billion daily impression mark across all its formats, an astounding feat for a company that was already regarded as a leader thanks to its technology, innovative initiatives, and overall partner success. 

At PropellerAds, our goal is to continue developing ad formats and the technologies that power these creatives. The goal is to make our ad rotation as varied and effective as it can be in order to serve a wider audience and help our partner succeed,” said Arnis Augstmanis, CMO at AdTech Holding.

Part of PropellerAds’s success is due directly to the top-notch technology powering the network. Simply put, the ad network can handle more than 2 million requests per second, and it only partners with reliable traffic providers as well as advertisers. This allows PropellerAds to cover almost all industries and GEOs, including the most coveted and profitable regions.

“Our core beliefs have propelled us this far, and we continue to double-down on our approach and work on creating a harmonious ecosystem for all of our partners,” continued Arnis Augstmanis.

Learn more about PropellerAds’s philosophy and mission here.

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