Laying Out the Road Ahead: AdTech Holding’s 3-Year Growth Plan Unveiled at New Global Headquarters

by The Content Team at AdTech 31 May, 2023

First Gatherings at Our New Global Headquarters

We recently had the privilege of opening the doors of our new global headquarters to some of our key financial partners. With us were big players such as Deloitte Cyprus, Eurobank Cyprus, along with other important partners from both Cyprus and further afield.

Laying Out the Financial Landscape and Future Plans

This meet-up was an ideal opportunity to delve into our financial milestones and lay out our strategic three-year growth plan. In addition to this, we highlighted the advancements of our in-house IT technologies, the powerhouse behind our innovative tools like PropellerAds, Notix, Zeydoo,, and Adex.

Alina Nekhotina, our Head of Financial Operations, stated, “This gathering gave us a chance to keep our key partners updated on AdTech Holding’s recent strides and what’s on the horizon. The dialogue sparked an interesting back-and-forth of ideas and insights.”

Our CEO, Alex Vasekin, dove into the company’s robust financial statistics and outlined our ambitious growth plans, reinforcing our commitment to continue leading the pack in the global AdTech and MarTech landscape.

Industry Perspectives and a Peek into Our Company Culture

Over lunch, we had a lively discussion about the global IT market and the current economic climate. This chat painted a more detailed picture of the challenges and opportunities currently shaping the IT sector.

It also gave us a chance to showcase AdTech Holding’s vibrant and innovative culture, demonstrating how our unique approach is consistently pushing the boundaries of the global MarTech industry.

Stepping into the Future: Growth and Industry Leadership

Here at AdTech Holding, we are excited about our trajectory and the significant impact we’re aiming for in the AdTech and MarTech sectors. As we map out our journey for the next three years, we are confident that our strategic growth plan will be a driving force in our success and will positively influence our industry.

As we step into this exciting future, we’re committed to inspiring other businesses to pursue growth, take on leadership roles, and make meaningful contributions to their sectors. We’re not just aiming to grow as a company, but also striving to create lasting impacts in our sector and beyond.

We can’t wait to embark on this journey, and we look forward to sharing it with all of you.

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