Inside Scoop: AdTech Holding at Money 20/20 Europe

by The Content Team at AdTech 16 June, 2023

When we think big, we show up big!

This year, AdTech Holding made its mark at Money 20/20 Europe. Our Head of Financial Operations, Alina Nekhotina, brought back a wealth of insights from the heart of the Fintech world.

First Impressions: An Event of Grand Scale

From the outset, the scale and organization of the event impressed Alina. The conference was a hive of activity, bustling with established FinTech companies, traditional banking institutions, and an array of events that fostered industry discussions and networking opportunities.

Objectives and Achievements: Partnerships and Knowledge

Alina ventured into the conference with three core objectives: strengthening existing financial partnerships, networking with potential collaborators, and gaining valuable insights from industry leaders.

She had fruitful discussions with our current partners, deliberating on future plans, growth perspectives, and ways to enhance the profitability of our cooperation. Better yet, she capitalized on the opportunity to connect with potential partners, opening up avenues for our clients’ extended range of payment methods.

Key Takeaways: Sessions That Made an Impact

Alina attended numerous informative sessions on trending topics in the FinTech space. Here are a few that stood out:

  • Exploring Web3: An insightful discussion on personal data control and democratizing the internet.
  • Understanding CBDC: A discourse on the regulatory environment around Central Bank Digital Currencies.
  • Leveraging APIs: Emphasizing the importance of building customer trust through seamless API integrations.
  • The Future of AI in FinTech: Forecasting the role of AI in enhancing automation and personalization in the sector.
  • Payment Trends: Shedding light on customer-centric services, global transactions, and the future of payments.
  • The Future of Money 2035: A speculative session on the potential transformations in the FinTech landscape.

From Exhibitions to ‘Money Beach’: The Fun Side of FinTech

Amid all the serious networking and learning, there was also room for some fun. The exhibition by a leading KYC service company caught Alina’s attention. “They had caricature artists drawing our portraits while we learned about their services. It was a genius, light-hearted approach to a serious subject,” she describes. 

And of course, who could forget the “Money Beach”, where networking met beach fun – people dressed as lifeguards and facilitated networking in a laid-back, beachy environment.

Wrapping Up: Knowledge is Power

AdTech Holding’s journey at Money 20/20 Europe was both enriching and inspiring. The gathered insights and forged connections positioned us for further growth in the dynamic world of FinTech. As a driving force in the industry, we look forward to translating these opportunities into tangible benefits for our clients and the wider ecosystem.

With fresh perspectives and new strategies, Alina concluded her conference journey, bringing back to AdTech Holding an enhanced vision for the future. And we can’t wait to see where these insights will lead us next!

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