AdTech Holding Champions Community Growth with Limassol City Skate Park

by The Content Team at AdTech 24 April, 2024

AdTech Holding is stepping outside the box of its usual business operations again to positively impact the community in Cyprus, particularly through its latest endeavor – the City Skate Park in Limassol. This project is just one of many commitments to supporting local environmental efforts and fostering community development.


Expanding Community Engagement

AdTech Holding’s involvement in community projects goes beyond just participation. We are at the forefront of initiatives that aim to uplift the local community, demonstrating a genuine commitment to making a positive difference. Working closely with the City Friends Club on initiatives like beach clean-ups has shown our dedication to environmental preservation. 

Meanwhile, our support for local athletic events, such as OPAP Marathon and Limassol Spartans Dragon Boat Club, demonstrates a broader vision for a healthy, active community. These projects are focused on creating a sense of unity and enhancing the quality of life for all Limassol residents.

A Closer Look at the City Skate Park Initiative

The City Skate Park in Germasogeia, Limassol, isn’t just any skate park. Spread over 5000 square meters, this park is designed to be a hub for skateboarders of all skill levels. Created through the vision of Alexey Gubarev, an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist, this space offers over 36 elements, including ramps, bowls, and pump tracks, making it one of the top 10 largest skateparks in Europe.

And here is a comment from Alexey:

“I’ve had the opportunity to visit Australia, where the government has built numerous of skate parks in large popular areas. The aim is to provide kids with more options and steer them away from spending all their free time glued to screens.

The concept of building a skate park in Cyprus appeared approximately two years ago. Collaborating with the Mayor of Germasogeia, Kyriakos Xydias, we started the planning phase for City Skate Park. I reached out to my circle of friends, and many of them volunteered their support. Their contributions were crucial; without them, the project wouldn’t have happened.

Well-designed skate parks possess the potential to draw visitors from neighbouring areas, giving a boost to local businesses such as skate shops, cafes, and restaurants.

City Skate Park is the first of its kind in Cyprus. It’s built uniquely and meets Olympic standards, which is important since skateboarding became part of the Olympics in 2020. We want to bring this sport to Cyprus and encourage our young people to get active and skilled in their own community. I hold a positive outlook that, in the years ahead, we’ll witness our young athletes proudly representing Cyprus in the Olympic Games.”

This initiative, which was realized with an investment of 1.3 million euros, showcases the power of collaboration. AdTech Holding, among other sponsors like the Limassol DelMar, Leptos Group, and Zavos Group, played a significant role in bringing this project to life, providing a new venue for physical activity and social interaction in Limassol.

And here is what Alex Vasekin, our CEO, has to add:

“I’m delighted to witness the rapid development of our island. It’s especially fulfilling to know our company actively contributing to this positive change, making a difference in the lives of our local community. I extend my sincere thanks to the creators of this initiative for making it happen, fostering activities like sports in our children, and nurturing a brighter future for them.”


Photos by City Skate Park manаgement

AdTech Holding’s Continued Support

AdTech Holding’s engagement with the City Skate Park is part of a wider strategy to support initiatives that benefit the Cyprus community and environment

Whether through environmental clean-ups or promoting sports, our focus on contributing to the well-being and vitality of the community is clear. These actions demonstrate AdTech Holding’s commitment to making a tangible difference, beyond the confines of our business operations.

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