AdTech Holding Cares: Employees Comment on Their Favorite Social Activities

by The Content Team at AdTech 05 April, 2024

Throngs of people are not yet a community since it cannot be defined by the number of individuals or geography. The backbone of a community is shared values that are followed by each of its members. 

Ideals, principles, responsibility, perception of the world around us, and common efforts to make it a better place are what bind us together. And this is when a crowd turns into a mindful community.  

At AdTech Holding, we eagerly manifest our ethics, but also implement them in life. Our employees take part in various activities aimed at helping those in need and improving everyday life in Cyprus. 

We have asked them to share their impressions about such events, so read on to find out how it feels from within.

They need us: Sirius Dog Sanctuary and Malcolm Cats

AdTech Holding provided donations and encouraged employees to visit dog and cat shelters in Limassol – Sirius Dog and Malcolm Cats

During multiple visits, the AdTech Holding team had a chance to help dogs socialize by walking and petting them in Sirius Dog Sanctuary, as well as give attention and warmth to a hundred of cats in Malcolm Cats. As you will see from the comments below, volunteering for animal shelters is the most beloved activity among AdTech Holding employees.

Here is what Maria Peretyatko, Senior Content Marketing Manager, says about Malcolm Cats visit:

“To me, visiting Malcolm Cats was the most exciting activity, simply because I love cats. Besides, stray cats in Cyprus are a real disaster – they need care, food, and medical treatment that cannot be handled by the government. And this means that we must get into the act. Volunteering is fun, so you should also join! And imagine how cool it is to pet dozens of cats at the same time.”

Kate Mitlashevskaya, Senior Traffic Acquisition Coordinator at one of the AdTech Holding projects, shares your impressions about the dog shelter:

“I am still greatly impressed by the dog shelter we recently attended! It was an incredible experience that became a good tradition for AdTech Holding employees. It’s easy to help our furry friends in need, so please join us and visit Sirius Dog Sanctuary, too!”

Anna Avramova, Team Leader of the Performance Team, adds:

“Visiting Sirius Dog Sanctuary is my favorite activity for sure. Just because dogs are lovely! Though it’s not easy to see that the amount of poor things keeps growing. Such activities should be a reminder for everyone, who brings an animal home – you are responsible for this creature.”

And Maria Yashina, Head of MarComms and Production In-House Agency at AdTech Holding, says:

“Supporting Sirius Dogs, our local dog shelter, has been incredibly touching and important for our team and me personally, as I’m a true dog lover. Seeing the joy on the faces of those dogs, how they crave love and attention, and how much happiness even a few hours of interaction brings them is truly heartwarming! We will continue to make their stay in the shelter more comfortable until they find their true home.”

Donate here:

Sirius Dog Sanctuary

Malcolm Cat Protection Society

Tidying up for our common coziness: clean-up events   

For the love of nature and comfortable city life, AdTech Holding’s team along with City Friends Club have organized a series of clean-ups. During a series of volunteering events, employees united their efforts to clean Svenja Beach, Pyrgos Beach, and Alassa. 

What can be better than a clean beach, tender sun, and breath-taking sea? All of that, plus – a sense of community! Here is what Eugenia Parmaxi, Junior SMM Manager, has to say:

“I find the clean-up events the most exciting of all our initiatives. We were working together as a large, cohesive, and well-coordinated team. The mountains of gathered garbage were an obvious evidence of our mutual efforts’ efficiency. You should have seen the difference between “before” and “after” – it was striking! And this was another reminder that taking care of the environment is absolutely crucial.”   

And here is a comment of Ioannis Giouroukakis, Team Leader of the Traffic Acquisition Team in one of the AdTech Holding projects

“So far, while being with the company, we’ve organized two clean-ups, and I’ve taken part in two of them. I truly cherished these experiences because, alongside my colleagues and many other fellow citizens, we banded together to safeguard our environment and the stunning island we call home, making a small but meaningful contribution to a larger cause.”

Supporting youngsters: donation to “I Have a Dream” organization

Even though Cyprus truly is a fairytale-like island, it’s still not lacking some social issues, like children in financial need. The organization “I Have a Dream” inspired us to join the initiative of helping such youngsters. We decided to support them and provided a monthly stipend for a year with the aim of ensuring medical and educational support for kids.

For us, it’s more than financial aid, but also an opportunity to ensure youngsters that they are not alone, we believe in them, and want them to have resources to do something really great.  

Maria Yashina, says:

“Partnering with the “I Have A Dream” organization resonates deeply with our human values. We all were children once, and we understand the significance of having someone believe in you and help your dreams come true, even the smallest ones. Helping underprivileged children empowers us all to build a happier and healthier community. I hope we all will pay more attention to it.”

And Olga Dmitrenko, Chief Revenue Officer, shares your thoughts:

“At AdTech Holding, we turn ideas into reality. This partnership lets us do that in a different way. Just as we help startups, we want to help these kids believe in and achieve their dreams.”

Donate here:

I Have a Dream

In conclusion…

These are our core social activities, but we are also fond of planting trees, donating blood, and keeping our office maximally eco-friendly by sorting garbage and using energy-efficient facilities.  

The beautiful island of Cyprus deserves all of our appreciation and efforts, whatever they are – donations, cleaning, mindful resource consumption, etc. Giving back to society is easy and fun, so we will continue and encourage you to join!

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