Environmental Consciousness: How AdTech Holding Supports Cyprus Ecosystem

by The Content Team at AdTech 13 December, 2023

As a big brand, we don’t focus exclusively on our main goal, which is delivering top-notch advertising technologies. Besides, AdTech Holding’s employees share the value of contributing to the Cyprus ecosystem – the place we call home.

To support this value, we sponsor and participate in various social activities — from blood donation to environmental consciousness events.

Limassol Green Space Expansion: Opening New Eco-Friendly Area

One of the recent eco-activities we were involved in was the great cooperation between the Limassol city administration and the Greenery Department. Our mutual efforts aimed to transform an area next to our office into a green and eco-friendly space. 

On December 2, our CEO Alex Vasekin, several of our colleagues, the mayor of Limassol Nicos Nicolaides, Mr. Stavros Ioannides, the Head of the Greenery Department, and landscape workers gathered to plant new trees and celebrate the opening of the novel green space.

This project, created with an aspiration to make Cyprus a safer and healthier ecosystem, was initiated by the Limassol municipality and sponsored by AdTech Holding. As Alex Vasekin puts it

‘We are all inspired to contribute to an activity that makes an indisputable input into the future of Cyprus.’

AdTech Holding’s Contribution to the Cyprus Environment: Digest

The latest planting trees event is one of many activities we have ever supported. Maintaining our home city as a safe and clean place is one of our most important values, so we constantly seek opportunities to contribute.

Here is a digest of our recent activities dedicated to helping the island’s environment.

  • In March, we joined forces with our partner, City Friends Club, to organize a clean-up event at Svenja Beach in Pyrgos, the recreational area near Limassol. Our colleagues gathered to collect litter at the beach and surrounding grounds — and our efforts resulted in the disposal of 57 bags of PMD and two trash containers. All the collected waste was sent for recycling.

  • Our second clean-up took place this September. That time, the City Friends Club and AdTech Holding employees cleaned the Kouris Reservoir coastline in Cyprus. The 150 bags of collected trash and 130 kilos of bulky waste have become a big help to the local waters and its inhabitants.
  • Another issue related to the ecosystem of Cyprus is the overpopulation of stray animals. To address this problem, the AdTech Holding team visited the Malcolm’s Cat shelter and made a donation to support their activities, including cat sterilization. 

  • AdTech Holding also supports Sirius Dog Sanctuary, a non-profit organization home to more than 150 stray dogs needing care, nutrition, and treatment. Besides the financial support and a visit to the sanctuary, AdTech Holding strives to focus Cypriots’ attention on the problem of stray animals by making the issue visible through our social media channels.

  • One of the goals of HackAdTech, AdTech Holding’s open hackathon, was to help enthusiasts share and develop their ideas that can make our ecosystem and infrastructure friendlier. Our participants were competing in two categories, one being ‘Any IT Solutions to improve life in Cyprus’. A team that brought up a prototype of the app for missing and found pets won a special award from City Friends Club, our Hackathon partner. Among the winners was also an app for fighting the garbage crisis in Cyprus. 

How We Stay Eco-Friendly: Our Everyday Practices

Being environmentally conscious is not exclusively about participating in various events but implies constant awareness of the consequences of your everyday activities. AdTech Holding implements eco-friendly practices into its daily operations — from trash sorting in the office to environmentally-friendly data storage and ad delivery.

This includes:

  • Regular recycling of litter and trash sorting that all our employees support and take care of
  • Energy-efficient systems, ecological materials, and green spaces in the office
  • Thorough management of stored data and timely disposal of any data we no longer require. This way, we reduce the energy consumption when gathering and storing data.
  • Constant work on the quickest ad delivery possible to maintain our infrastructure sustainable.

We are eager to support more eco projects in the future and believe that every input makes a difference.

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